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Welcome to Ambica Agarbathi

Wherever you look, you will see that one unique presence is manifested in the Universe, but it is very difficult to perceive it. This is because god “impregnates” all things Ma Ananda May. And when it comes to transcending the barriers of humanity into divinity, whatelse comes as a better ambience than the unique presence of divine scent in the form of Ambica Agarbathi Spanning a generation of devotees, providing them the unique ambience and aura of devotion in the sublime atmosphere of Ambica’s fragrance, it has now established a formidable place in the hearts of humans and Gods alike.

Ambica agarbathies is profit making and a dividened paying company since from the year of inception.

Factories established at eluru, hyderabad, rajam and adoni in Andhra pradesh with total built up area of 300,000 sq ft.

– Manpower engaged in production 3000.
– Wide established dealer network Globally.
– More than 500 active dealers operating at various places globally.
– Having successful records of over 5 decades.
– Established as market leader in agarbathies and Aroma industries in INDIA.
– Ambica Agarbathies has an equity base of 135 MILLION.